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Business Opportunity
In Partnership with SRL
To provide high quality clinical diagnostic services to our customers in Japan, SRL draws upon relationships with numerous partners, both in Japan and abroad. We actively seek out new opportunities to expand our current array of tests and enhance our diagnostic technologies. To this end, we encourage contact from parties that may contribute to our efforts in providing quality and innovation to our customers.

SRL as a Customer
SRL purchases diagnostic reagents, instrumentation and laboratory equipment from numerous manufacturers and distributors around the world. As the largest commercial reference laboratory in Japan, and as the market leader in such areas as radioimmunoassays, genetic testing and chromosome analysis, SRL has the potential to become one of your largest customer.

SRL as a Local Distributor
In addition to potentially being a major customer for your company, SRL can also act as a local distributor for your firm's diagnostic products. Our direct contact with physicans in all areas and levels of patient care, our long-standing reputation for excellence in clinical diagnostic services and our intimate knowledge of the Japanese regulatory system, are just some of the reasons SRL makes sense as your partner in Japan.

SRL as a Technology Licensee
SRL utilizes numerous, wide-ranging technologies in the provision of its routine services. To continue to meet the demand of our customers for innovative diagnostic services, SRL draws upon medical technology developers around the world. We welcome contact from parties interested in initating technology licensing dialog with us.

SRL as a Local Representative
SRL serves as the Japanese sales and marketing representative for a number of foreign clinical laboratories. SRL provides the Japanese medical community access to the specialty testing services of these laboratories through its nation-wide service network. As Japan's largest clinical reference laboratory, SRL offers entry to the world's second largest clinical testing market.

The Department of Technology Development and Assessment of SRL services as the main contact point for international business development activities for the company. We are responsible for managing relationships with existing foreign business clients, and communicating with potential new partners on subjects ranging from new diagnostic product evaluation to technology licensing. We look forward to your inquiries via email:

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