Message from the President


Makoto Matsumoto
President and CEO

Since our establishment in 1970, our company has embraced the corporate philosophy of "contributing to the creation of a healthy and prosperous society" and has been striving to contribute to the field of healthcare, with a focus on clinical testing.

Furthermore, we have endeavored to provide optimal healthcare to individuals by promptly delivering clinical data based on internationally recognized quality management systems to medical institutions nationwide.

The environment surrounding our company is predicted to be influenced by various factors such as the coexistence with chronic diseases in the coming aging society, the increasing importance of preventive medicine and post-treatment care, and changes in healthcare demands at the community level, reflecting the changing interests and needs related to health issues in daily life.

In the field of clinical testing as well, there is growing anticipation for the development of advanced testing technologies and the creation of new value through the utilization of clinical data, driven by the widespread adoption of genomic analysis and personalized medicine. In response to such an environment and the evolving needs of society and our customers, we started the operations in our Central Laboratory, the "H.U. Bioness Complex Akiruno Cube," from January 2022. We are committed to provide new clinical testing services based on the automation of testing processes to improve and standardize the testing quality, as well as the introduction of cutting-edge technologies.

We will continue to contribute to society through clinical testing by seamlessly addressing health issues from people's daily lives to diagnosis and treatment. We sincerely ask for your ongoing support and assistance.