Clinical Laboratory Testing

Clinical laboratory testing uses a variety of methods to establish if the patient is suffering from a condition and if so, the location and extent. SRL undertakes all kinds of outsourced clinical laboratory tests, with our strength lying in specialized tests.

About SRL

Since its establishment in 1970, SRL has provided the highest standards in esoteric testing, expanding its share mainly in large hospitals. We have earned the trust of doctors at university and national hospitals as the leader for esoteric tests due to our advanced technology, knowhow and unique laboratory framework. As a result, SRL has built strong relationships with a variety of medical institutions across Japan, from major hospitals to small local clinics. We leverage our expertise and unique laboratory structure to provide comprehensive testing services from esoteric and research testing, to general and emergency testing to clients throughout Japan.

Comprehensive testing framework

SRL currently processes over 200,000 tests every day from medical institutions nationwide. To ensure test accuracy while shortening turnaround time, we have developed an original sample collection framework, utilizing our temperature-controlled sample transport boxes and original laboratory automation system. We also utilize our nationwide network of sales offices and regional laboratories to enhance our community-based testing services.

Cancer genomic medicine

The demand for cancer genomics from medical and research institutes is increasing, and in addition to carrying out genetic tests from such institutes, SRL also proactively participates in industry-academia partnerships.
We are now consolidating our experiences and knowhow attained in the genetic medicine field, building a framework for more specialized and advanced one stop services. Going forward we will provide further value toward the development of cancer genome medical field.

Overseas development
(Global business)

SRL is currently receiving attention from across the world for the cutting edge technology and high-quality testing services developed over many years in the CLT field. SRL International, Inc. explores the potential for business outside of Japan for both SRL and Group companies, acting as a driver for innovation in line with the global perspectives of the H.U. Group. They are currently seeking out challenging new businesses in the Asian medical market, such as in China and India.

Research Testing Services

SRL is dedicated to supporting experts and professors at research institutes and universities, ardently providing research testing services.